Dear friends,

I am proud to announce that today, May 25th 2008, I established a new political party "Israel Hazaka" (Strong Israel).

The primary mission of Strong Israel is to guarantee the secure existence and future of the State of Israel - - by strengthening its social and ethical foundations, and by strengthening its capability to cope with threats from beyond its borders.

To attain these goals, the Strong Israel Party will operate under the following guiding principles:

1. To guarantee that Israel is a social welfare state with a modern economy and with a government responsible for the welfare of all of its citizens, particularly in the areas of education, healthcare, pension, and minimum wage. The government policy will be conducted along the principles of the Social Democracy.

2. To reinforce Israels military superiority over all those that threaten Israel in the region, with special emphasis on the need to thwart the Iranian threat.

3. To pursue with sustained determination the end of the conflict with the Palestinians on the basis of a two-state solution.  

4. To vigorously protect the nature and landscape of Eretz Yisrael, and safeguard the environment, water and clean air for future generations.

Strong Israel, a fresh presence within todays stymied political environment, will present a different kind of political culture, one that is both transparent and fair.  Seeking inclusivity, the party will maintain an open-door policy that encourages new people to participate in the political life and leadership of the state.

I strongly believe that such a new political force is highly needed in the current situation in Israel. Only a political party which is committed to peace, security and social justice can make a bright future for Israel.