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Israels agreement on Gaza must come from Abbas - Al-Monitor, August 5th 2014
ISIS should be catalyst for new Middle East alliance - Al-Monitor, July 2nd 2014
Peace requires a different Israeli government - YNET, April 8th 2014
Lift the Mideast Roadblocks - The New York Times, March 13th 2014
Why Israel Will Not Need Massive Forces in the Jordan Valley - Huffington Post, January 29th 2014
A new approach to Jordan Valley - YNET, January 24th 2014
Alone, in the dark - YNET, December 4th 2013
Boycott just around the corner - YNET, July 17th, 2013
Iran Deal Validates Nuclear Blackmail and Hurts Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process - Huffington Post
Silent Majority of Israel Supporters Must Speak Up in Support of Kerry's Efforts to Save Two-State S

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